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Our Services

We Provide Chiropractice Services

with nearly 50 years of experience

The advanced training and education Dr. Lockhart and Dr. Noonan received on the latest techniques, combined with years of experience, will make your first encounter very relaxed and comfortable. Our full service office is facilitated with the best chiropractic equipment to treat your conditions.  Our goal is to provide the best service to our patients through adjustments and spinal education!

We have treated patients from newborn to 98 year olds, and for problems ranging from aching backs to serious neurological dysfunction. We are certified to perform school, sport, and work physicals.

Most patient encounters are treated the same day. All tests and exams are performed upon initial visit.  Multiple appointments are not required to review your case!

Services We Provide

Adjustments for Subluxation

Chiropractic adjustment is the term used to describe how a misaligned vertebra is moved back into proper alignment. At Lockhart & Noonan we know that the more precise and acurate the correction the quicker the recovery. We incorporate thermo instrumentation, x-ray and motion palpation to facilitate the best results.


X-ray examination is extremely valuable to ascertain the condition or health of skeletal structures and their alignment. They are also important as a progressive guide and confirmation of correction.


A thorough chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurological exam is essential in determining what the health issue is and if it can be corrected chiropracticallly or referred to other medical specialist


Physical exams are performed to ascertain the health of the patient to determine the course and type of treatment.


Rehabilitation is important to prescribe individualized exercise protrams to re-educate and strengthen muscle and soft tissue structure to prevent future re-injury

Trigger Point & Accupressure

Trigger point and acupressure techniques are used to aid in the Chiropractic adjustment and tissue restoration

Our Approach

We start with a comprehensive spinal examination, which includes a complete health history, heat sensing instrumentation, spinal biomechanical analysis, x-ray impression of the spine before you are treated.  It is very important to know each patient’s specific condtion and relate their body age and size into account before treatmemt begins. After the testing is completed the doctor will show you the report of findings, explain the problem, detail the way it can be treated, and answer any questions/concerns you may have about your treatment.

Chiropractic Adjustment

The procedure that is used to correct the misaligned bones is to gently push the vertebra in a specific direction into its correct position. There are many different adjusting techniques.  We use several of the main techniques.  Our specialty is known as the Gonstead technique. This adjustment is very specific to the patient’s bone structure.  Many patients state that after the adjustment it feels like pressure has been relieved or they feel stress has been released. We perform the adjustment with our hands in very precise movements that correct the misalignment.


The term is used to describe the malfunction of the vertebra. Subluxation has four distinct problems associated within the spinal column: bone misalignment, nuerological pressure, muscle tension, and edema. Another way to explain a subluxation is the misalignment of  vertebra, causing muscle spasms, swelling of the surrounding tissues, and nerve compression. Subluxations are corrected by a chiropractic adjustment through aligning the vertebra, which causes normal  spinal motion to return,  swelling to decrease, and reduced muscle spasms.

Symptoms We Address

Lower Back, Neck, & Headache Pain

Lower Back, Neck, & Headache Pain

Slipped disc, pinched nerve, stress/tension headaches, and migraines

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Injuries resulting from football, baseball, softball, gymnastics, hockey, basketball, volleyball, and wrestling to name a few

Automotive and Farm Injuries

Automotive and Farm Injuries

Whether it's whiplash from a car accident or strains from the day to day farm work

Joint and Extremities Pain

Joint and Extremities Pain

Pain that comes from falls or from daily repetitive activities or even managing arthritis